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.308 Winchester, Bullet 168gr Barnes TTSX, Brass Winchester | Alpha | Lapua, Muzzle Velocity* 2700fps, Ballistic Coefficient G1 .470, COAL 2.800". Nov 13, 2015 · Seems recently Barnes has listed load data for this 100 grain TTSX in the Grendel and while 8208 and H335 are listed they seem to indicate that *R 15 may be the preferred powder for this bullet cartridge combo. Looking for a take from some of the more experienced Grendel reloader as experimenting with these bullets is far from inexpensive. Barnes TSX out penetrates typical 250gr. premium partition .358 bullets, but gives higher velocities, lower recoil and flatter trajectories of a 225gr. bullet. If you desire the flexibility of taking very large and dangerous NA big game at raking angles or at straight away shots, this TSX load delivers. Buy Barnes 130 Ttsx 300 Blackout Load Data And Best 300 Blackout Pistol Scope However, I hope that reviews about it Barnes 130 Ttsx 300 Blackout Load Data And Best 300 Blackout Pistol Scope will become useful. And hope I am just a section of letting you get a far better product. We're sorry, we were unable to load data for this product. Please try refreshing the page. If this issue persists, please try again later. Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Bullets 243 Caliber, 6mm (243 Diameter) 80 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 50.40.8458.41 Barnes Geschosse .458, TSX FB 250gr (20Stk.) Feb 23, 2012 · I am looking for load data for the 7mm rem mag with the 160 gr Barnes TSX and reloader 22. I know the barnes website shows load data for reloader 25 but I know there is data out there for r22. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're sorry, we were unable to load data for this product. Please try refreshing the page. If this issue persists, please try again later. Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Bullets 243 Caliber, 6mm (243 Diameter) 80 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 50.Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - Benchmark: 90 gr. 2.200 in. 28.5 gr. 30.5 gr. 29.5 gr. Thought the Barnes .270 130 gr ttsx looked intruiging so did some testing in my remington 700 bdl. Found what shot acceptable to me which was under an inch at 100 yds. 59.7 grns H4831.Bullet : .358, 180, Barnes 'TTSX' 30459 Useable Case Capaci: 46.134 grain H2O = 2.995 cm³ Cartridge O.A.L. L6: 2.780 inch = 70.61 mm Barrel Length : 22.0 inch = 558.8 mm Predicted Data for Indicated Charges of the Following Powders. Matching Maximum Pressure: 58000 psi, or 399 MPa or a maximum loading ratio or filling of 108 % Recently I found myself in a position where I needed to load and process large data files to display on a Shiny dashboard, but loading and processing the Like I mentioned before, I refer to lazy loading as a technique to load or process data only when needed. Imagine YouTube or Netflix, the video loads...Barnes 168 Gr Ttsx Vs Nosler Accubond Lr 168 Gr 308 Win Howa 1500 Alpine Mountain Rifle. redrocklocal. Barnes Ttsx Loose Bullets. Practical Marksman.Aug 13, 2020 · From that I was able to make an educated guess of a safe start point for Varget and the 200g TTSX bt. I set my COAL to 3.325 as the recommended length of 3.330 for the Barnes bullet was just about too long for the magazine. I loaded from 54.5 to 57.3 grains in increments of .5 then .3. No pressure signs and every load extracted well. Barnes cautions against using X data for the TSX bullets so I'd double-check your load data against the latest manual (#4) before stuffing your shells. Especially if you are playing near the max load charges. Last year dug my 25-06 out of storage and had to restock my 100gr .257 X Flat Base bullets for it's pet load.

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I switched to the Barnes TTSX. They out preform my traditional ammo. I am very pleased with this product!! Wow the point bwing made by Barnes is that the penetration of thwe TTSX, TSX is better with their bullets even in a sub marginal caliber than any other expanding bullet on the market.The stoutest .257 load is the 100 grain Barnes TSX at 3570fps. This is a good muzzle velocity for the Barnes because at lower impact velocities of 3100fps and below, this projectile tends to be slow killer. The TSX is best reserved for larger deer species and especially Boar, all of which offer a great deal of resistance to the TSX. Hand Loading Barnes TSX: 62 grains Norma 201 23,5 grains Federal SM 10 mm Tikka T3 Barnes T-tsx: 50 grains Norma 201 26 grains cci 400 930 m/s 10 mm Remington 700 sps tactial 1:9 twist Barnes Varmint grenade: 50 grains Norma 201 25 grains cci cci 400 small rifle 985 m/s 10 mm Jan 08, 2011 · There's loads all over the 68forums for that bullet, seriously. Barnes MAX with RL10 and the 95gr TTSX is 29.5gr with a COL of 2.290". RL7 is probably way too fast for that bullet, but I may be wrong. ETA: Google search gave me all this 95gr TTSX load data ballistic coefficientcy of a Barnes TSX. Talk anything related to Shooting, Reloading, etc. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. killerbee Moderator Posts: 4117 168-grain TTSX BT / TAC-TX BT Sectional Density .253 Ballistic Coefficient .470 C.O.A.L 2.735” Suggested Bullet Use Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution - Always Start With Minimum Loads. *Recommended Powder C Compressed Load 5 165-grain TSX BT Sectional Density .248 Ballistic Coefficient .398 C.O.A.L 2.810” Apr 04, 2010 · In the New Review section of the magazine, theirs a brief summary of Blackhills new 62 grain Barnes TSX .223 loading. They make claims of high weight retention of the bullet (typically 100%). Expansion of the bullet to .45 Caliber with 20 inches of penetration in ballistics gelatin. Velocity of 3100 fps from 24 inch barrel (probably around 2900 fps in a 16 inch barrel). Jul 23, 2019 · Handloaders looking for accuracy, here's some great 6.5 PRC load data and information to get you started. July 23, 2019 By John Barsness The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is a competition designed to simulate field-shooting with long-range rifles. Barnes Tipped TSX (TTSX) Bullets .375 cal .375" 250 gr TTSXBT 50/ct. While hunters can still go through reloading and casting at home, Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullets are for when serious power is needed to take down large game. These bullets offer one-shot kill capability thanks to the...Revised 10/2009 Indicates most accurate load Bullet Weight: 80 gr Case Trim Length: 2.484" S.D. 0.173 Bullet Style: TTSX BT Primer: Fed 210 B.C. 0.316 COAL: 3.090" Barrel Length: 24" ...