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AD9850 DDS VFO by AD7C The AD9850 is a chip that can produce a sinusoidal wave from about 1hz to 40mhz. To control the AD9850 you’ll need some sort of micro-controller. An Arduino Controlled GPS Corrected VFO by W3PM/GM4YRE A VFO that provides 1 to 112.5 MHz signals on two independent outputs. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs are very attractive in amateur radio applications, particularly in test equipment and VFOs. One DDS-VFO kit, the IQPro, was recently developed by Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ1. Based on the Analog Devices AD9854, it provides quadrature outputs up to 30 MHz and has several options for RF output drivers This is the default VFO mode. The display shows the frequency and step. Turn the knob to change frequency. Button 1 - Switch to QRSS mode. Button 2 - Toggle Quiet mode on and off. i.e, turn the RF output on and off. My main use of the DDS so far has been to drive a little QRP transmitter. Arduino Controlled GPS Referenced DDS VFO Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE Introduction: Unlike the well known GPS Disciplined Oscillator using a Phased Lock Loop (PLL), this project uses an Arduino UNO (or Nano) as a frequency counter to calculate a correction factor for a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) board. A GPS 1 PPS output signal is used for '. .-'f- mec ntrh~tn~ e 16 eist,6en g eneral.c evdco ctioMotr nfo ascuia elaioade ls.d aga rnchi~na deYun an.vfo sruta e tab, l ar q ue sca n deg l ige -sta rde lo G tiu as yAgametodercIs abaF~nario Por- T to.'Itea .. 4 A variable frequency oscillator (VFO) in electronics is an oscillator whose frequency can be tuned (i.e., varied) over some range. It is a necessary component in any tunable radio transmitter or receiver that works by the superheterodyne principle, and controls the frequency to which the apparatus is tuned. Oct 28, 2015 · Adding a DDS or Si570 vfo. For making the Bitx in to a multiband rig, you require a stable scalable vfo. There are several plans available for making a DDS vfo with a PIC controller or Aruduino controll. I picked up one DDS at HFI with PIC . It has a built in IF shift of 10.000 Mhz for vfo frequency display on LCD for 3.5 to 28 Mhz ham bands. Sep 22, 2011 · The hardest part of a DDS project for the average Ham is probably soldering in place the tiny DDS chip; I took the easy route and bought a ready-built DDS board available at modest cost on eBay. It comprises an AD9851 chip and 30MHz reference oscillator mounted on a small board together with decoupling capacitors and a low-pass filter (LPF). Mar 29, 2009 · QRZ Ham Callsign Database Search Online. WM7D Ham Callsign Search, Daily Vanity Call Releases. FCC AM Broadcast Station Database Lookup Online. FCC FM Broadcast Station Database Lookup Online. FCC Home Page. - Cavell, Mertz & Associates - Broadcast FCC Database Tools. S and S Engineering - DDS VFO's and other kits Standalone VFO design Built in LCD and Controller No Computer required Kits available with various frequency ranges Optical Encoder available as optional extra. Output is a squarewave - minimum frequency is 3.450 MHz. Low noise Synthesizer chip controlled by an Atmel Mega 88 or Atmel Mega168 with PA0KLT Firmware.Oct 21, 2016 · It is a small in size, light weight, lithium battery pack , particularly suitable for travel, picnics and other outdoor activities. HB-1B MK3 covered 40m,30m,20m,17m and 15m amateur bands.With the DDS circuit to generate VFO signal, it can also work outside of the 5 amateur bands. It can cover between 5.9-22MHz band short wave radio bands. The KX1 covers the full 20 and 40 meter bands, and optionally 80 and 30 meters. A DDS based VFO which performs tuning outside each band on SWL band segments. A variable bandwidth crystal filter permits reception of ssb, cw and zero-beat AM. It can be used 20 to 30 hours from internal batteries at the 1 to 2 watt level.

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After a few false starts, I finally have a working DDS VFO. It uses an inexpensive Chinese DDS VFO that drives a 20 mW to 3 watt linear amplifier board. This drives a pair of class A 11N90 FETS in parallel at 13.8 volts. The complete unit will put out about 20 watts with a clean sine wave. The frequency resolution is 0,03492 Hz, so you can build a really smooth VFO with the AD9850. Remember: This is a DDS. While the signal is not bad (use the filtered SinB signal), it is not perfect. If you want to get on the air, you will need a lowpass filter for your band to prevent interference. Mar 29, 2013 · The PA & BPF board will include a 10 Watt RD16HHF1 amplifier and 8 bandpass filters, and the “Arduino” board besides the Arduino includes an AD9850 DDS module, the kind you find very cheap on eBay. It replaces the original BITX VFO, can generate frequencies from 0 to 40MHz, needs 4 wires for control and a +5V supply from the Arduino board. A simple and stable vfo is an integral part for radio experiments. There are several solutions to generate an rf signal (Popular ones are : ad9850 dds, Si570) for amateure use.Arduino Controlled GPS Referenced DDS VFO Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE Introduction: Unlike the well known GPS Disciplined Oscillator using a Phased Lock Loop (PLL), this project uses an Arduino UNO (or Nano) as a frequency counter to calculate a correction factor for a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) board. A GPS 1 PPS output signal is used for Model: Bandmaster VFO - Harvey Radio Labs., Harvey - Material: Metal case : Shape: Tablemodel, slant panel. Notes: External VFO matching the Bandmaster ham transmitters TBS-50 C/D. The Bandmaster set is placed on top of VFO console. Price in first year of sale: 48.00 $ Source of data-- Original prospect or advert : Literature/Schematics (1) Arduino + AD9850 30MHZ DDS Signal Generator in 12$: An Precession Signal generator is very easy and affordable make using an arduino and dds synthesizer (ad9850) . Its World's first smallest portable signal generator build .You can make decent 0 -30 MHZ frequency Signal generator only in 12$ . If you… The Ozqrp DDS VFO kit is a low cost direct digital synthesis (DDS) VFO capable of operating from 1MHz to 10MHz with programmable IF offsets , making it suitable for use in a variety of home brew transceivers or receivers. I use a DDS waveform generator that produces a 300mV P-P sine wave for 80 meter operation. For 40 meter operation, the VFO should produce a bit more output, 500mV P-P should be sufficient. The VFO should have a mute input, my VFO has an opto-isolated mute function that takes a TTL-level drive signal from the QSK timing generator.