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Accuracy International; B&T; Barrett; Blaser; Cadex Defense; Christensen Arms; Desert Tech; ... Kimber 1911 Pistols > Kimber Raptor II 1911 Pistols. Free-Shipping ... Apr 27, 2017 · Tags: 9MM 1911, crimson trace, kimber, laser, Micro 9 I will make no apologies for my love of polymer, striker-fired sub compact carry pistols. For the most part they are inexpensive, reliable, lightweight and accurate. I own two of them, a 3″ Ultra Carry and a 4″ Pro Carry, both in 45 ACP. Both of them are accurate and reliable as long as they’re kept clean and lubricated. Aug 03, 2020 · Why the Kimber Stainless II .45 ACP Shines Above the Rest . Introduced in 2016, the Kimber Stainless II has made a serious impact with shooters and topped the top ten list for best selling semi ... Jul 08, 2015 · Kimber Team Match II The Team Match II is Kimber’s top-of-the-line competition 1911. It is chambered in .45 ACP as well as 9mm. The Team Match II was created to the USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol team’s specifications for their use in competition. Discontinued 2019. We have had many requests to produce a Commander-sized 1911 in 9mm. In response, we’ve revived one of the early Dan Wesson 1911 models with a twist. We have combined the best features from two of our most popular models, the bobbed Commander and the CCO. The Guardian has an anodized aluminum frame...Read More » Kimber Custom II in.45 ACP Deputy David L. Wood As I write this, strapped on my side in a Safariland duty holster is the pride and joy of my handgun collection, a blue steel Kimber Custom II in.45 ACP. Call me a traditionalist but with the possible exception of.38 super, 1911s are supposed to be chambered in forty five. SPECIFICATIONS Product #: 3200326 Height (inches) 90 to barrel: 5.25 Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 38 Length (inches): 9.9 Magazine capacity: 9 Recoil spring (pounds): 12.0 Full-length guide rod FRAME Material: Stainless steel Finish: Satin Silver Width (inches): 1.28 SLIDE Material: Stainless steel Finish: Satin Silver Front serrations BARREL Length (inches): 5 Material: Steel, match ... Kimber® handguns are known for unrivaled craftsmanship and hair-splitting accuracy, and the Kimber Stainless LW Semi-Auto Pistol is no different. Its weight-reducing aluminum frame acts as the gun's rock-solid foundation. A match-grade stainless barrel delivers competition-level accuracy. Feb 25, 2020 · KIMBER. Another high-quality option for a 1911 is Kimber, with their custom model available in a wide variety of calibers and configurations. Not only can you buy the Kimber Custom in .45 ACP, but it’s also available in .38 Super, 9mm Luger, 10mm AUTO, and even .40 S&W. Get a Marvel top for your 1911. I've read the reviews on the Rimfire target over on the Kimber forums in People have reported either jams, really finicky with ammo, or less than stellar accuracy. The Marvel unit is very accurate. Very. And much cheaper. And overall I would guess satisfy the owner more than a Kimber rimfire.The 2.75" barrels are machined from select stainless steel for superior resistance to moisture and to squeeze as much accuracy out of these small barrels as possible. The frame on these pistols is also shaped by select grade aluminum for integrity and strength. The Kimber Micro 9 offers key 1911 design advantages like a single-action trigger with a smooth pull that ensures accuracy and builds confidence. Dec 29, 2012 · OK, now this article has morphed from a Kimber 1911 Compact Stainless II review, into an unpaid Glock advertisement. I’ll go ahead and cut this one short before it digresses any further. The Kimber 1911 is a great gun, the .45 round does some serious damage. I just feel it’s a gun for experienced shooters. Others complain that the Kimber is over priced, then cite how great/accurate/reliable there $400 1911 is - leaving out the effort it took to get it there, the cost of parts and GS work, and usually not really quantifying what they mean by "great", "accurate" or "reliable". Jul 20, 2020 · Finally, and most importantly, I routinely achieve excellent accuracy with the newer model 1911s. I’ll write more about that shortly, but the following target shows the best 25-yard group (0.6″) obtained with the Kimber Pro Carry II during my first range session.

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Kimber Micro 1911 Pistols Weighing in at less than 14 ounces is the Kimber Micro. The Micro features a strong aluminum frame, single-action trigger, thumb safety, lowered and flared ejection port, beveled magazine, steel sights mounted in machined dovetails, and both a flush-fighting 6 round magazine as well as an extended 7 round magazine. Kimber's Custom 1911 Pistols combine precision craftsmanship with hair-splitting accuracy. Stainless steel match-grade barrels and bushings are held to exacting tolerances for superior consistency, and the crisp aluminum match-grade triggers ship from the factory at 4-5 lbs. High-grade internal parts deliver a lifetime of flawless performance. Kimber America is a proud sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.In 2010, Kimber and RMEF co-branded a line of 84L rifles. This year, Kimber donated $50k to the wilderness preservation organization and co-branded a new full-size 1911 handgun, the Kimber Camp Guard.Kimber America is a proud sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.In 2010, Kimber and RMEF co-branded a line of 84L rifles. This year, Kimber donated $50k to the wilderness preservation organization and co-branded a new full-size 1911 handgun, the Kimber Camp Guard.I've heard good and bad things about Kimber 1911's. I try not to judge a gun or product unless I've used one so I decided to film the first half of my break...Don't compare a Kimber Solo to the 5" guns that are more true to the original 1911 design. If you do some research, you will find that the 5" Kimbers in the Custom line are fairly good performers for the money.