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BABALAWO OBANIFA: Odu: Irete Ogbe. Odu: Irete Ogbe Alias: Irete Adan 1. Ifa foresees ire of wealth for the person for whom this Odu is revealed. Ifa says that there is the need for this person to propitiate Ifa with honey so as not to experience bitterness in her life and for her to achieve all the good things of life. she also needs to offer ebo with two guinea fowls, two ... Odu lo mejor de ifa. 1369:[email protected]\_acfiknqtux{}€ƒ…ˆŠŒ ’•—šœž¡¤¦©¬®°³µ. Jijo po,, Ao maa fi epo pupa la lale ni awole sun, Ao maa fi fokomu laro laro. br Julho de 2016 RESUMO Apresenta de forma rápida, sem aprofundar, algumas curiosidades e diferenças nas hierarquias. I'm no fan of Karenga and I was hesitant to purchase because of other suggestions that it is a copy of Sacred Ifa Oracle. However, I did not find that to be so. These ese come from Wande Abimbola, a prominent Ifa scholar and priest. The odu verses presented are insightful..and necessary especially because there are so many ethical lapses with ... Los Oddun de Ifa: Es la célula vital del sistema adivinatorio de Osha-Ifá -Santería.A pesar de las particularidades de cada subsistema, Ifá, Dilogún y Obí, todos están interrelacionados al disponer de una misma fuente ideológica, mitológica y sapiencial para hacer las predicciones con el conocimiento acumulado en las historias, leyendas, mitos, refranes y decires populares de Osha-Ifá. datos de ifa diccionario hierbas eshu.pdf: defendiendo nuestras tradiciones tomo ii.pdf: defendiendo nuestras tradiciones.pdf: determinando la orientacion del odu en un registro.pdf: dezesseis cauris.pdf: dice if a 121212.pdf: dice ifa para awo.pdf: diloggun elemental.pdf: diloggun livro de adde iran.pdf: dilogun ymiro valdés.pdf: ebbo de ... Underneath every cast with Sixteen Cowries AKA Dilogun AKA Owo Merindinlogun the diviner can read two double Odu Ifa. Usually only the mouths up are simply counted to arrive at one of the 17 possible patterns that can be cast with 16 cowries, but that is limiting yourself too much. ODU IYAAMI OSORONGA Interpretation of the Odu Ifa related to the Elemental Spirit of Birds Part VII by Awo. Falokun Fatunmbi Introduction The subject of the role and function of Iyaami within the tradition of Ifa/Orisa covers a wide spectrum of opinions and interpretations. 11.0 Ika Meji; 12.0 Ọlọgbọn [Oturupọn] Meji; 13.0 Otura Meji; 14.0 Eji Ẹlẹmẹrẹ [Irẹtẹ Meji] 15.0 Ọsẹ Meji; 16.0 Ọrọgun [Ofun] Meji; African Language Program at Harvard University ...IROSUN IKA. 1. Ifa says that there is a lot of conspiracy going on against the person for whom this Odu is revealed. Ifa says that this conspiracy may arise in work place, in the society or among his/her group. Ifa assures this person that he/she will overcome this conspiracy. The Sacred Ifa Odu Ika Meji Ika is an Odu that offers the individual a new start and represents optimum conditions that are fertile for new opportunity. This Odu is teeming with the energies of literal and figurative conception. One is advised to sustain those sources that offer personal and familial defense.In the Beginning, Olodumare (God) gave the Orisa Orunmila a flawless method of communication between himself and the Orisa called Ifa. Ifa is linked to destiny through the Ifa the true religion of Yorubas. Sixteen is the number of cosmos; it represents the primal order that issued from the unity of Olodumare. Dec 16, 2014 · There are 256 major Odu’s of Ifa, which involves 16 major Odu’s which are the Meji’s or the sixteen Kings and 240 permutations (born from the 16), equaling 256. An Odu reference to all situations, circumstances, actions and consequences in life based on the uncountable ese (poetic tutorials) relative to the 256 Odu coding.

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Jul 29, 2019 · Ifá is an ancient religion and a complex system of divination conceptualized many centuries ago by the Yoruba people of West Africa. Ifá Yoruba religion is based on oral literature scriptures known as Odu Ifá or the Ifa corpus. It is a collection of Ifá spiritual traditions, timeless wisdom, cultural and historical information. Rezo: ika iwori ifa ologuifun olofin. Maferefun yemaya adifafun orunmila. Rezo : omode loma umbo va ile oronlaunsoro elwara eyele akuko adie melli orunla afariye yanza ire oshinshe aye koforibale ni elewara fifun ounko opolopo owo oko eloda dide yure. Irete Kutan. El odu de ifa IRETE KUTAN dice : AWON MEJI IFA KO AWON MERINDILOGUN OWO EYO NSORO AWONYI ORISHA:Los mies de ifa enseñaron a los 16 cawries a hablar a los orishasCuando el padre de los merindilogun owo eyo(16 caracoles) murió, sus hijos que eran pequeños tenían el poder de su padre pero no tenían la sabiduría requerida para la misión que debían desempeñar que era continuar ... Continue this cyber journey if you must, as we shed light on the virtues and power (Ase) of the Odu. Odu…The Orisa This is an insert from the holy Odu Irete-Ogbe. Let this page shed some light on the Orisa called Odu. You trample upon the brush. I trample upon the brush. We trample the brush down together. Ifa was consulted for Odu by these Awos. ifa advierte a traves de ika ofun que a veces en las vidas de esos dudosos y falsos sacerdotes y sacerdotisas la muerte los visitara. ika ofun dice que tales personas pueden conseguir riquezas y fama de sus practicas deshonestas, dudosas, engaÑosas,pero que tales riquezas y famas se perderan en la cumbre de sus vidas. iyanifa ajiwenu aworeni Jul 18, 2016 · ifa omi quiba eleoni quiballen quiballen tonun quetimbeleso Olodumare. Ogunda tetura ifa omi. No Jos akonkoOyekun Meyi. o Roberto NoriegaOgunda Meyi. Bernab MenocalBaba Ejiogbe. Bonifacio BaldezOgbe Gueo. Miguel Febles PadrnOrdi Ika. Ramn Febles MolinaOgbe Tua. Panchito FeblesOtura Niko. Filiberto Febles Otura Yeku. JubentinoOrdi lo Moni. 67765852-orunmila-ifa-para-reza-os-256-odus-130208085155-phpapp01. OBI - Um Oraculo de Ifa ... Um agogo é para o awo e o outro é para a pessoa que recebeu este Odu ...