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is the data type of the column to be created. See Data Types in the DataDirect Connect Series for JDBC User’s Guide for a list of supported Salesforce data types. You cannot specify ANYTYPE, BINARY, COMBOBOX, ENCRYPTEDTEXT, or TIME data types in the column definition of Create Table statements. During this time a number of external factors, including an acquisition and large Federal funding stream significantly increased the number of training requests in 2015-2016. In response to this, Robin streamlined ETR’s professional development services by establishing new processes and workflows. {"en":{"translation":{"biometrics":{"fingerprint":{"push_notif_body":"push_notif_body","push_notif_title":"push_notif_title"}},"csastandard_fields":{"timezone_55":{"0 ... Salesforce data destinations can be set up to update existing records in Salesforce. When a form is submitted, ProntoForms can run a search for matching records that already exist in Salesforce. Control what happens when a match (or more than one match) is found - whether the record is updated or a new record is created. FULL CHARGE BOOKKEEPER - GWINNETT WHO: Dynamic $3 million in revenue hospitality services industry WHAT: Full-Charge Bookkeeper who can be client facing WHERE: Gwinnett WHEN: Immediate need WHY: This is a newly created position to support the company's growth. Looking for the right personality who can contribute to the overall success of the business in accounting while supporting the sales ... more visits in less time. Maximize capacity of your field resources by leveraging drive-time and road networks to put routes in the right place. 3. Manage Territories Inside of Salesforce - Maximize investments by leveraging a complete territory design and maintenance solution certified and integrated with Salesforce. Reduce the amount of time agents spend responding to the same person on multiple channels. Map multiple inquiries on disparate channels, merge identities to a single user, and group requests in a single ticket so agents can resolve service issues faster. Respond within Salesforce Access your digital customer care platform from within Salesforce “Salesforce Marketing Cloud transforms how companies connect with their customers in real time. Marketing Cloud is the platform for marketers to plan, personalize, and optimize 1:1 customer journeys across all channels and devices.” Scott McCorkle CEO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce CreatedDate and most other datetime fields comes in a GMT timezone, UTC format --> "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss. parse(str, formatter); The DateTime class from Joda-Time also supports the timezone information. format writes datetime values with separators in the form dd/mm/yy hh:mm AM PM, and requires a space between the date and the time. However, it was created in a different time zone, so if the modification date is in the timezone of the sender, he was the last to modify it. If it is in my timezone, I modified it. So, do you know if Windows file modification dates are timezone aware?Ecolab service associates to obtain real- time, 24/7 view of that customer’s location. Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud are integrated with Salesforce IoT to turn all of the fine-grained events collected from customers and service members into high-level actionable business events. Salesforce IoT’s rules detect business events Implement features of a master data management system at a fraction of the price with Cloudingo’s API. The Cloudingo Enterprise API gives you the power to sync, dedupe, and identify master records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations, and other on-premise or cloud applications.

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AppExchange for users, provides two options to keep your business compliant with a click of the mouse. Also, with the real-time screening option, all screening results are available for resolution and reporting entirely within the Salesforce platform. CSI’s watch list check for ensures continued compliance. WHY CSI Nov 17, 2011 · How can I get the time stamp to show up in reports on "created date?" I want not only the date, but the time of creation to show up in a report on a custom object. I would like to capture records created today (or 1 day) and sort them by time of creation. Jan 13, 2019 · Real-time collaboration –Quip provides built-in chat and also supports co-editing and commenting to create version-free slides together, faster. Live Charts — It provides Interactive charts which connect to real-time data in Quip Spreadsheets. One can even connect charts to spreadsheets backed by Salesforce Reports. with Salesforce, I’m charge of growing our CRM solution sales for Medium and Large clients within the retail space, across APAC. Over the past 3 years, my team and I have increased our revenues from this segment by 400%. We’ve captured a monthly recurring revenue of over 40 million USD thereby cementing our position as the market leader. Salesforce provides several functions that allow you to work with Date, Date/Time, and Time values more easily. You can convert a Date/Time to a Date by using the DATEVALUE () function, which takes a Date/Time or Text value and returns a Date. 2) Switch your PC’s time zone to Hawaiian time before starting up the Data Loader. 191. Explain dynamic Dashboard. Dashboard which is running under current logged in user permission is known as “dynamic Dashboard”. At the most 3 dynamic dashboards can be built. This is available in Unlimited, Enterprise and Developer edition. May 02, 2018 · Salesforce® Specialists, Cloud Geared Solutions Take Flight Manchester, NH – May 1st, 2018 – Cloud Geared Solutions has announced their inception today, as a premier, invaluable source for Salesforce® implementations, professional services and systems integration. The company is founded with a collective 20+ years of working Salesforce® System Date Fields Missing Time. You can’t go on a date without first setting a time, right? Well, Salesforce has found a way to have system date fields missing time information! Have you ever wanted to know the created date & time of a record within Salesforce reports? Sep 04, 2013 · SOQL Date functions are pretty useful for grouping or filtering data by date fields. With a proper Date function used in the SOQL, the code can potentially limit the query result records a lot. e.g. Query all Tasks that are created today: The above code looks neat enough although the function DAY_ONLY is not that… Salesforce – How to list all scheduled jobs in Apex? Winter ’14 introduced the ability to receive name and type in Apex and SOQL queries. Use CronJobDetail relationship to get the job’s name and type.